Rent a 7 meters boat in Zakynthos from Porto Vromi and visit Shiwpreck beach and the Blue Caves. Our boats are available with or without skipper and fuel is included in the price.

• The time of departure of the boat is predetermined in consultation with the staff.
• The port of Porto Vromi is the closest to the beach of Navagio, so visitors do not waste time to get to the beach (15 minutes trip).
• The duration of the sea tour is 3, 4 or 5 hours.
• The boat's maximum capacity is 11 persons. • In the sea tour, you will first reach the Shipwreck beach and then the Blue Caves. It's up to you to choose where to drop anchor first in order to dive and shoot.
• The boats used in the tours are new. (7 m, 175 hp).
• The price of the trip includes fuel and an experienced skipper. There are no hidden charges.
• There is the choice of having a skipper, or you can ride the boat yourself. In the second case, a skipper's valid license is required and a different charging plan is applied. Please send an email for more details if you would like to have this boat in Zakynthos without a skipper.
One of the most frequently photographed places on the planet is the beach of "Navagio" in Zakynthos: a beach with fine white sand, dominating rocks that imposingly protect it and the deck of the ship "Panagiotis» ‘telling’ his story. Equally impressive and famous are the Blue Caves, on the north side of the island, where the sun is filtered through the rocky formations and colour the waters in a wonderful way, giving you incredible images. The ways to visit these two beautiful locations are a lot. However, the most ideal one is renting a boat (new construction) from the picturesque beach of Porto Vromi, with the option either to become a captain by yourself or to be left in the hands of one of our skippers.

The biggest advantage of Porto Vromi, besides the beauty of the landscape, is that it is the closest point to the 'Shipwreck' beach so the visitor does not waste time to get to the beach (since it is only about a 15-minute trip).

The departure will take place from the port of Porto Vromi at a time of your choice, always after consultation with those responsible, who take the weather into consideration and take care of every detail for the fun and safety of the passengers.

Starting the tour, you will first come to the beach of "Navagio". If you want, you can drop anchor there for a quick dive and photos in the famous scenery, and then sail for the Blue Caves.

It is up to you to choose your first stop. In both destinations you will be able to take a quick dive, while in the Blue Caves you can get into them with the boat, as the size of the boat allows it.

The images that the visitors see throughout the trip are unique, with stunning rocky formations, bays and deserted beaches. You will be able to stop wherever you want for photos.

What you should know before renting a boat:

• The port of Porto Vromi is the closest to the beach of Navagio so the visitors do not waste time to reach the beach.
• The duration of the sea tour is 3, 4 or 5 hours.
• The boats used in the tours are new.
• The price of the trip includes skipper and fuel.
• At Porto Vromi beach there is a food shop so that the visitor can buy water, refreshments or snacks before the excursion.
• There are toilets for the public at Porto Vromi beach.
• Do not forget to take your sunscreen, towels and water or soft drinks.
• Our travel agency is located on the coastal road of Zakynthos town (K. Lombardou), with staff ready and willing to assist you.


1 - 11 pax: 300 euros


1 - 11 pax: 400 euros


1 - 11 pax: 450 euros

24% VAT is included in the prices

Send your booking request for your desired date. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request. Please note that the booking is pending until you receive a booking confirmation.