This 3-hour private tour in Zakynthos with a traditional boat is an ideal choice for the visitors who would like to enjoy a breathtaking sunset in Zakynthos. The excursion departs from the harbour of Porto Vromi.

• The excursion boats depart from the picturesque port of Porto Vromi (6 pm).
• The local Blue Caves of Porto Vromi is the first stop of the tour.
• Porto Stenitis, a streak of sea in the steep cliffs, follows: a beautiful wild landscape where the passengers may swim if they would like to.
• Immediately afterwards, the beach of Oil comes into sight. An exotic, white-sand beach, known only to the locals. It is accessible only by the sea.
• If the passengers would like to, they may swim in the truly exotic and unknown, virgin beach of Oil.
• When the sun starts to set, the engines go out and the passengers enjoy the sight, while having their drink on the boat.
• When the sun sets, the boat returns to Porto Vromi.
• The duration of the trip is about 3 hours.
• The Captain and the crew are always willing to fulfill the needs of the passengers.
• If the passengers require something else that is not mentioned in the program of the trip, they may ask the captain, who will consider the conditions and weather, to decide whether he can fulfill the wishes of the customer.
The sight of the brilliant reddish sun disappearing in the horizon of the blue Ionian Sea, is an attraction that the visitors of the island can rarely have the opportunity to watch. The western side of the island, with its beautiful pristine beaches, the magical caves and steep rocks, is an ideal place for the visitors who would like to enjoy the sunset in Zakynthos. Our travel agency offers this opportunity and, what’s more, while on board.

For three hours, the passengers will be visiting caves and beaches accessible only by the sea, and when the sun is about to dive into the waters of the Ionian Sea, the engines will go out, the sight of the sunset will enchant, the cameras will be filled with unique colours and memories which will be engraved forever in their minds and soul.

While hearing only the sound of the waves and the wind under Cape Kampi, the passengers will enjoy this unique sunset on board, while enjoying their drink, just before returning to the starting point full of images painted in the colours of the sunset.

This unique opportunity to enjoy the sunset at sea, namely in the sea below Cape Kambi, is offered by our Travel agency, starting from the picturesque harbour of Porto Vromi.

From there, with a local captain who knows every cave and every rock in the area, the boat will depart around 6 in the afternoon. The first station is Porto Stenitis, a streak of sea in the steep cliffs where the beauty of the landscape is breathtaking. Anyone who would like to swim there, may do so.

Then, the impressive Blue Caves of Porto Vromi follow, with the turquoise waters that change colour as the rays of the sun are filtered through the rocks.

As the ship sails away from the caves, the beach of Oil comes into sight. It is a beach unknown to many, accessible only by the sea, whose white sand makes it look like an exotic landscape.

The beach, which is not referred to in the tourist guides and so only the locals know it, is located below Cape Kampi: a beach that will be unforgettable to the visitors. And somewhere there, as the sun begins to set, the engines go out and the passengers enjoy the moments.

As soon as the sun sinks below the vast line of the horizon and disappears, the boat will steer for Porto Vromi, wherefrom it began the three- hour trip around the beautiful coasts of western Zakynthos.

What you should know before booking the excursion:

• On the beach of Porto Vromi there are toilets and a dining area which provides the visitors with the necessary things (water, snacks etc.)
• The trips are made by vessels of different sizes that are subject annually to compulsory inspection.
• The size of the boats is ideal for entering even in the smallest caves.
• Some types of boats do not have a toilet. Be informed before choosing the boat type trip.
• The crew of the boats are experienced and certified adequately.
• Do not forget your swimsuit, towels, cameras and sunscreen.
• Our travel agency is located on the coastal road of Zakynthos town (K. Lombardou) , with staff ready and willing to assist you.
1 - 20 pax: 350 euros
21 - 40 pax: 420 euros

24% VAT is included in the prices

Send your booking request for your desired date. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request. Please note that the booking is pending until you receive a booking confirmation.