Zakynthos has a modern international airport and every summer about 1.5 million tourists travel with charter flights to and from the island. In Greece there is a frequent air connection with Athens. Dionysios Solomos airport is located 5 km from the city of Zakynthos and is easily accessible from the provencial road Zakynthos-Keriou and Stravopodi street. The passenger service telephone is +30 2695028322. Outside the halls of the airport there is a taxi station. You can get information about the routes from the websites and


The island is connected by ferry to the port of Killini, which is located in Peloponnese. Every day, there are several ferries to and from the island with modern and large vessels. For information and itineraries you can visit and During the summer months, Zakynthos is also connected directly to the island of Kefalonia. That is, from the port of Agios Nikolaos Volimes to the north of the island, a ship sails to the port of Pessada in Kefalonia twice a day. You can find information on


There are bus routes to and from Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki all through the year, by the Zakynthos Bus Station. Information can be obtained by calling +30 2695042656 and +30 2695022255 and at


On the island, apart from the State Healthcare Structures and the big Hospital, there are several private medical centers that provide all sorts of medical services. In case of emergency, you can find info on


Zakynthos has a climate with hot summers and mild winters, and with high levels of humidity mostly during the nights. The winter rains are relatively normal, while in summer the only way to escape from the heat are the many beautiful beaches of the island. If you are concerned about the weather on the island, you can visit or or


Euro is the official currency of the Greek state. In all tourist areas of the island and in the town, there are lots of of exchange bureau for each currency so that the visitor does not face cash problem. There are ATMs where withdrawals can be made, everywhere. Several banks are located in Zakynthos town, while almost all services and goods can be paid by using a credit or debit card.