8 hours trip around Zakynthos with a luxury Mercedes minibus. Visit the famous Shipwreck beach and the view point, the Blue Caves and all the must-see places in Zakynthos.

• Small, new minibuses -with a maximum capacity of 24 people- are used for the trips.
• The first destination is the ‘balcony’ of Zakynthos, Bohali.
• The second destination is the village of Pigadakia and the organic farm of Therianos family, for an acquaintance with wine and oil production and the Zakynthian countryside.
• Next destination is Xygia beach. The passengers may swim if they wish.
• The port of Ag. Nicholaos follows, where the boats depart for the Shipwreck beach.
• In the Shipwreck beach, the guests will stay for more than an hour, so they can swim, enjoy the scenery and take photographs.
• After the Shipwreck, a visit to the Blue Caves follows. The passengers may swim if they wish.
• Return to Agios Nikolaos Port and -after the sea tour- the bus departs for the rock above the Shipwreck for photography. Before the rock of the Navagio there will be a stop in the age-old olive tree of Exo Chora.
• Right after the view of the Shipwreck, the group will reach the panoramic Kampi with the wonderful view. At Kampi , the guests can have a traditional meal in MICHALIS Tavern.
• On return, the passengers will have the opportunity to see traditional villages in Zakynthos.
• The duration of the excursion is approximately 8 hours.
• In case of bad weather in the port of Ag.Nicholaos, the Shipwreck excursion will take place from the port of Vromi Marion, at no cost. After the Shipwreck, the passengers will see the local Blue Caves. So, under no circumstances will the passengers miss the opportunity to see the famous Shipwreck.
• The program of the excursion may change if the customers wish. Each request is considered by the attendant guide who takes the weather and other factors into consideration before deciding- always having as a priority the safety and the fun of the passengers
The visitors of the island will have the opportunity to see the famous natural beauties of Zakynthos, if they choose this particular excursion. With a luxurious, brand-new minibus, the group will go across the entire island and visit the Blue Caves, the Shipwreck and most of the wonderful spots on the island.
Departure is at 9 in the morning. The luxury minibuses will take the guests from pre-set points or from the hotels where they stay. First stop is the "balcony" of Zakynthos, Bohalis: A beautiful hill overlooking the entire town and the plain of the island. It is really a unique place to visit.
Right after Bohalis, the group will follow the road to the village of Pigadakia. A beautiful village in almost the center of the island, where a visit to the farm of organic products of "Therianos" family will take place. The customers will see how wine and oil are traditionally prepared and will try their taste. A unique experience in a traditional place.
Once the visit to the farm is completed, the group will head for beach Xygia on the north side of the island, where the waters are high in sulfur content thus give off a strange smell, but also it is perfect for the physical health and beauty of the swimmers. The customers may swim here if they wish.
Next destination is the harbor of Ag. Nikolaos Volimon, where the guests will board a boat and depart for the famous Shipwreck Beach, where -for one hour- they will be able to swim and take photographs. After the Shipwreck, a visit to the Blue Caves follows. With a small boat, the guests will be able to get into some of them and swim if they wish. The sea tour ends here and the guests will board again on the luxury bus and depart for the rock above the “Ship Wreck” beach, a popular and most frequently photographed viewpoint. On the route to the Shipwreck Rock, the driver will make a stop for photographing the over-a-thousand-year-old olive tree with the huge trunk, located in the villages of Exo Chora.
After this stop, the vehicle will reach the rock above the Shipwreck and the cameras are ‘set on fire’. Next stop is at Kampi , a cape "hanging" over the Ionian Sea, on the west side of Zakynthos. The village is picturesque with stone-built traditional houses and a breathtaking view. It is worth also seeing the huge cement cross, erected in memory of those who fell during the civil war. In the traditional family tavern MIHALIS, the guests can have a delicious meal, if they want.
After about an hour, the bus will take the way back. The passengers will have the opportunity to go through the traditional villages of Zakynthos and admire the lush landscapes of the island hinterland. The excursion ends and the passengers return to their place of accommodation having their minds full of wonderful images and experiences.
If the passengers want something else which is not mentioned in the tour program, they can ask the guide - escort who will take the conditions and weather into consideration and will decide if he can fulfil their desire.

What you should know before booking the excursion:

• There are no toilets or a dining area on the beach of Shipwreck.
• On the starting point in Agios Nikolaos, there are shops with toilets where you can get water, snacks, refreshments etc.
• The excursions are made with luxury small buses, recently manufactured, modern and safe.
• Sea tours are carried out by boats of different sizes subject to compulsory inspections every year.
• The size of the boats is ideal for entering even the smallest caves.
• The boats have a toilet.
• The crew of the boats are experienced and certified.
• Do not forget your bathing suit, towels and sunscreen.
• Our travel agency is located on the coastal road of Zakynthos town (K. Lombardou), with staff ready and willing to assist you.


Adults: 65 euros
Children (7-12 years old): 40 euros
Children (up to 6 years old): Free

24% VAT is included in the prices

Send your booking request for your desired date. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request. Please note that the booking is pending until you receive a booking confirmation.