8 hours private tour in Zakynthos with a luxury Mercedes minibus. Visit Shipwreck beach and experience wine tasting, a visit to the olive oil factory and the countryside of Zakynthos.

• The luxury Mercedes Vito Luxury Edition vehicle departs either from our agency office on the coastal road of the town of Zakynthos or from the client's place of accommodation at about 9 am.
• Return is at about 5 in the afternoon.
• The duration of the trip is about 8 hours.
• The first destination is the traditional olive oil mill - Aristaion Museum, in Lithakia.
• The second destination is the village of Kiliomenos and the church of Ag. Nicholaos with the rare architecture and the unique Bell Tower. Also, a visit to the local agricultural collaboration.
• Next, there is a visit to the rock above the wonderful beach of Navagio for photographs and observation.
• Afterward, there is a visit to the historic St. George's Monastery of Gremnon and lunch at a traditional tavern in the area.
• Gramsas Domaine follows, with the traditional Winery with quality wines and Zakynthian grape varieties.
• Next station is at Stranis Hill, 1 km away from the town of the island, Razis perfumery which for decades has been producing Zakynthian perfumes.
• Then, there is a small visit to Bochali Hill, for taking pictures of the town of Zakynthos.
• The route includes vineyards and olive groves of Zakynthian countryside.
• Back to starting point after about 8 hours.
Although most tourists in Zakynthos are aware of its lacy coasts, sea caves, sandy beaches and the Caretta Caretta turtle, there are also those who want to see the life of the locals "from within" and get to know the island's production. Excellent olive oil, quality wine, delicious pure cheese are some of the products that have been produced in Zakynthos for centuries and the locals pride themselves on. The rapid growth of tourism has greatly changed the mentality and philosophy of the inhabitants, but in recent years young people in particular have shown great interest in agriculture and in growing quality products. Our Travel agency offers everybody the opportunity to spend one day seeing the beauties of the island, as well as experiencing the process of producing oil, wine and cheese. You can enjoy all these products, get to know the hinterland of Zakynthos and leave the island with images beyond those of the strictly tourist destinations. Olive oil mills, wineries, cheese factories, agricultural collaborations, perfumeries, places of worship, countryside and -of course- the Shipwreck from the breath-taking view: all these can be visited by anyone who chooses this particular trip of our agency.
Departure will take place either from the predetermined meeting point or from the customer's place of accommodation at about 9 in the morning with a Mercedes Vito Luxury Edition vehicle and a professional driver who knows perfectly every place of the island. In less than 20 minutes, the group will arrive at the Olive Oil Mill- ‘Aristaion’ Museum in Lithakia. The visitor will be able to learn about the process of picking olives and the ecological production of olive oil and will be able to taste olives with bread and local cheese.
After the oil mill of Lithakia, there is a stop in the village of Kiliomenos. The first mostly mountainous village of Zakynthos, with the church of Agios Nikolaos distinguishing for its rare architecture and the unique bell tower with symbols that correspond to the good and the evil in life and death. In Koiliomenos there is also a women's collaboration from which the customer can buy various pure products.  
Next stop is Basta Cheese factory in the village of Agios Leon. With milk from free-range animals, the traditional dairy manufactures the local Zakynthian oil cheese, gruyere and other types of cheese and dairy products. The traditional process is shown to the visitor and is truly impressive, while the visitor will be able to test all the products, if he desires so.
After the visitors’ acquaintance with the Zakynthian countryside and some of its products, the group will reach the rock above the famous Navagio Beach. For about an hour, the passengers will be able to find the best spot for the best photo with the background of the "Shipwreck".   After taking photos of the Shipwreck and the enchanting landscape, the group will go to the Monastery of Agios Georgios of Gremnon, which is just a few minutes away. At the edge of a cape, with breath-taking view, the Monastery has a tower with loopholes in the centre of which the monks used to confine themselves to defend against the pirates' raids. In 1553, the Monastery was destroyed by the pirates and then was erected again in the Venetian rhythm. In the wider area, there are taverns that keep the tradition in Zakynthian cuisine and the group may have lunch, if they would like to. After the tour in the mountains, the group will head down to the plain of the island and stop at Grampsas Domaine in the village Lagopodo. There, they can visit Grammas winery which highlights the richness of Zakynthian grape varieties and produces quality wine. They can also taste different wines and accompany them with appetizers from the local gastronomic tradition.
Shortly afterwards, the group will depart for Stranis Hill just outside the town of Zakynthos. There, they will visit Razi perfumery. Right next to the perfumery, there is the historic place where the national poet Dionysios Solomos was inspired to write the Anthem to Freedom. In the elegant aromatic salon, the visitor may try all the aromatic Razi creations Razi , which the family has been producing for decades, giving the baton of creation and preservation from generation to generation. The excursion will be completed with a brief visit to Bochali Hill, "the balcony of Zakynthos", where almost all the island seems to unfold in front of the visitor.
The passengers will return around 8 pm safe and full of images from the Zakynthian countryside, the traditional villages, the endless vineyards and olive groves, the beautiful view of the shipwreck, but also the excellent products of the island.
If the passengers require something else that is not mentioned in the tour program, they may ask the driver to take into consideration the conditions and the weather, to decide if he can fulfill their requirements.

What you should know before booking the excursion:

• The excursion vehicle is a black Mercedes Vito Luxury Edition with an experienced professional driver.
• The route takes about 8 hours and crosses the countryside and the plain of the island through olive groves and vineyards.
• Before you leave, don’t forget to get water, refreshment or snacks.
• In the olive press, the winery, the cheese factory you can taste the products and combine them with gastronomic proposals of the Zakynthian tradition.
• Do not forget to take your cameras.
• If the passengers require something else that is not mentioned in the tour program, they may ask the driver to take into consideration the conditions and the weather, to decide if he can fulfill their requirements.
• Our travel agency is located on the coastal road of Zakynthos town (K. Lombardou) , with staff ready and willing to assist you.
Price: 480 euros

24% VAT is included in the price

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