One of the most famous Dance Clubs in the world is located in Zakynthos, just outside the town. This is the Barrage Club, set up on 1991. Barrage Club has hosted famous DJs from around the world and its visitors always have such a great time that they all become friends before sunrise. With its splendid garden, Barrage Club is a "must" for Zakynthos visitors who would like to have the experience of watching the sunrise while having fun.


The evenings in the town of Zakynthos have their own haunts. One of them, Avant Garde, is located at San Marco square and is housed in a corner of a simple building very close to Solomos square. You can enjoy your coffee early in the morning or your drink in the evening: Avant Garde is always full of young people of all ages. Pure drink and music of all kinds are its trumps, while there are delicious dishes for those who crave quality food.