Kampi is located in the west side of Zakynthos: a small village with stone-built houses, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. At the edge of the village, on the cliff overlooking the bay of Schiza, the visitor will see one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Mediterranean. The sunset at Kampi is renowned and offers unique moments of romance to loved couples. As far as the visitor's eye can see, the sky blends with the sea and the colors in the sunset are enchanting. Either with or without clouds, there are no words to describe the scenery. Lovers of photography will love the nature, the landscape, the human interference and, of course, the colors of the sky and the sea, as the sun dives into the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. They will also find interesting sites such as the Mycenean cemetery with its sculptured tombs and the imposing Cross monument.


Just 2 km away from the city center, in the panoramic area of ​​Bohalis, on the "balcony" of Zakynthos, the Venetian castle is located.  The historical significance of the Castle is great, since in the years of Venetian domination inside it there was the capital of the island.  Its walls are made of carved stone and their shape resembles the walls of Cretan castles.  In 1480 a great part was destroyed by the Turks and its restoration was not allowed.  From then until 1514 the inhabitants of the island made many attempts to restore it after every raid or earthquake.  The main restoration took place in 1515 with the reinforcement of Venice. It was then that the cannons and the Great Gate, the bell of which served as a clock of the city, were added.  The influence of the Venetians is present on the third entrance gate, the walls of which bear the "Saint Mark's Leo" which is a symbol of Venice.