The church of the patron saint of the island Agios Dionysios (St. Denis) is a magnificent temple in which important works of art are kept, as well as the "Holy Relics" of Agios Dionysios, while it is full of unique icons (hagiographies). The church is located in Zakynthos town, very close to the port, and it is the biggest church on the island.


A monastery in the green with a 14th-century Medieval Tower, is located in the beautiful mountain village of Anafonitria. The Tower was built for defense against the Pirates, while in the church there is a precious icon of Virgin Mary.  This monastery was owned by the Patron Saint of Zakynthos, Agios Dionysios (St. Denis).


The church of St. Nicholas (Agios Nicholaos) of Molos in Zakynthos town, is a Venetian-style building, the only one which survived from the devastating earthquake and fire of 1953. It was built in 1561 by sailors. Inside the church, the pontifical vestments of Saint Dionisios are kept, as a tribute to the relation of the Saint with this church.


At the end of a cape, with a breathtaking view, there is the Monastery of St. George (Agios Georgios) of Gremnon. In the center of it, there is a Tower with loopholes in which the monks gathered to protect themselves from the raids of the pirates. In 1553 the pirates destroyed it, but it was later built again in the Venetian rhythm.


The church of Panagia Faneromeni in Zakynthos town is a brilliant artistic creation,  a "jewel" temple with magnificent wood carvings and wonderful hagiographies. The temple has been designated a historic preserved museum. The history of this temple was the subject of several studies by both Greek and foreign researchers of Classic Arts, since it was considered one of the most beautiful temples of Greece. The scenic square outside the temple used to be a meeting place for the middle-class people during the Venetian domination. The church was destroyed completely by the earthquake of 1953 but it has since been restored following its original design.


One of the most beautiful churches on the island is that of the Saints Timothy and Mavra.  According to the tradition, when someone found the icon of Agia Mavra, a chapel was originally built at the site -and later on, the church.  In 2005, a fire destroyed the temple completely and priceless treasures were lost. Today, the temple gradually begins to acquire the glory of the past.  In a short distance from the Church of Agia Mavra, the Monastery of Panagia Eleftherotria is located.  A retreat with a splendid panoramic view, which looks more like a castle with embrasures. The monastery was established in 1962 and today it is a women's monastery.


The church of Agios Georgios Philikon is a holy place for pilgrimage, in which the leaders of the Greek Revolution of 1821 swore. It is located in a quiet location, on the beautiful road of Bohali and used to be a safe hideout for the secret meetings of the Revolutionaries.  It was built in 1664.


The Gothic style Church of Agios Nikolaos, one of the few churches of this rhythm in Greece, is located in the beautiful mountainous village of Kiliomenos.  The unique bell tower with symbols of the good and the evil in life and death, is impressive, just like the stone-made houses of the village.