5-hour mini bus tour

A sunset sightseeing tour at Keri Lighthouse, combined with a three-hour cruise to the amazing caves of Keri and the island of Caretta Caretta sea turtles, Marathonisi. The departure is at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the excursion lasts approximately 5 hours.

• The departure is at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
• Vehicles pick up passengers either from their accommodation or from a predetermined location.
• First stop at the port of the village of Keri and boarding in glass bottom boats.
• Marathonissi boat trip begins and on the way the passengers photograph as many turtles as they meet.
• Stop at Marathonisi and swimming for about an hour.
• After Marathonissi, the boat arrives in the caves of Keri with its unique beauty. The passengers can swim here, as well.
• Return to the port of Keri and board the vehicle to the Keri Lighthouse.
• Watch the sunset in the Lighthouse area and take pictures, for as long as it is needed.
• Back to the accommodation or to the pre-arranged point.
In the beautiful scenery on the cape of Marathia near the village of Keri, on the edge of the cliff where the lighthouse has been standing for a long time, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth. As the sun dives into the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the colours leave the spectators speechless and fill their minds with idyllic images. Our travel agency organizes a sunset sightseeing tour at Keri Lighthouse, combining it with a three- hour cruise to the island of turtle, Marathonisi and the Caves of Keri. In both places the visitor can swim while enjoying the wonderful crystal-clear waters.
At around 5.00 in the afternoon the small luxury bus takes customers either from their place of accommodation or from a predetermined location. In less than an hour, the group arrives at the port of Keri and board a glass bottom boat which sails to Marathonisi. There, on the beautiful exotic beach, guests can swim. Of course, on the way to Marathonisi, the passengers always have the chance to see turtles swimming and posing for tourists, thus becoming an attraction in the region. Right afterwards, there are the caves of Keri, where the blue of the sea blends with the lush and dense vegetation of the area. The caves are of rare beauty and visitors can swim here, as well. After the visit to the caves of Keri, the boat slowly returns to the starting point in the port of Keri, after a three-hour cruise, sailing alongside the land and so giving the passengers the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and fill their minds and cameras with great pictures.
The group then gets on the luxury vehicle and is taken to the Lighthouse of Keri. There, at the edge of the rock and just before the sun falls, the colors look as if they are taken out of a painting. While the sun dives into the vast blue of the Ionian Sea, time stops and everyone admires the unique spectacle of the sunset. With their eyes and mind painted with idyllic images, the guests get on the vehicle and return safely to their accommodation, having completed a beautiful 5-hour excursion.

What you should know before booking the excursion:

• Travels are organized with luxurious mini buses.
• The boats are glass-bottom for observing the seabed and marine life.
• The boats have a toilet.
• The crew of the boats and the drivers of the vehicles are experienced and have the appropriate certificates.
• Before you leave, you should get water, refreshment or snacks.
• Don't forget your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.
• Our travel agency is located on the coastal road of Zakynthos town (K. Lombardou), with staff ready and willing to assist you.


Adults: 65 euros
Children (7-12 years old): 40 euros
Children (up to 6 years old): Free

24% VAT is included in the prices

Send your booking request for your desired date. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request. Please note that the booking is pending until you receive a booking confirmation.