“Reach what you cannot” wrote Nikos Kazantzakis, the great Greek author. This profound quote has always been in my partner’s and my own mind since our childhood. I am Petros Kypriotis and have been a captain for many years. Together with my friend and also captain, Yannis Stamiris, we are pursuing this: to reach what we cannot, with you. To travel in the seas, we have known since we were children. To travel together with you in beautiful -unknown and unexplored- places. To see, smell, taste, touch, to close our eyes and travel in time, which has so much to teach us. To travel together in the blue of the sea, or in the green, white and gray of the earth. Your smile will be our greatest reward. We will be here for safe travel because this is our profession and we have loved it since our childhood. As leaders of a "strong" team whose support is unlimited, we will seek together to "reach what we cannot".

Petros Kypriotis

Chairman & Co-Founder


Petros Kypriotis

Chairman & Co-Founder

Yiannis Stamiris

CEO & Co-Founder

Tasos Theodosis

PR & Communication Manager

Spyros Flabouras

Marketing Manager / Strategist

Katerina Aziz

Sales Travel Agent



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